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Yes, she is finally back.
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes, I survived the whole of 2012, almost I guess. It is hard to summarize all this using just words. I find it so hard to express my feelings. A little excited over the start of another new year but afraid of it too. It means closer to harsh reality, closer to forming your dreams into reality. I probably need a whole new list of resolutions for 2013 and for sure, the top of the list is stop shopping. It is so much of guilty pleasure to shop at this rate. I promised myself (in instagram) not to shop for at least the month of December. Guess what? I broke my own promise for like 4 times in a row. God bless me.

And wow, I am finally fixing exact dates to meet my dear friends who have been waiting for my confirmation! :-) The rest of the holidays is fully booked for the important people and I got a new neon pink 2013 organizer to replace the 2012 one. I love organizers so much, you can't imagine how much.

Also, I am feeling a little little blessed for this Christmas. It is the season for the joy of giving :-) I prepared gifts for my dear friends and cannot even wait to exchange them. Please feel honoured the girl who is gonna receive the customized tumbler from me. I spoilt my printer in the midst of the making of it.

Today I went shopping (do you call it christmas shopping) with my mom and felt so damn guilty. Bags of stuffs of mine...breaking my own promise for the 5th time yeah. I am such a sucker for studs. Even my friends are like don't buy studs anymore, you've too much studded shoes.

What is worse now is that I am not sure if my memory is that bad or if my wardrobe is an amazing thing. Sometimes I don't even remember I have this piece of clothing and I will magically find it in my wardrobe. Plus, I am trying hard to ignore how messy it is. I know anyone would kill me when they see my wardrobe. You don't wanna know how much goodies I am hiding inside.

// For once I would honestly and finally say, I am happy for who I am.


All the good things take time.
Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am back from my 8-days Beijing & Tianjin Study Trip. New hairstyle from the China Hairstylist. Homesick for now. Fulfilled my brother's dream of reaching The Great Wall of China, it was so breathtaking. Got into the same class (again) with my girls. Got to catch some sleep & get my mind back to Singapore. Big Bang Concert in two weeks' time!